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European Division of the International Association for Identification

June 10 June 12

  • Barcelona, Spain

From the organisers:

The European Division of the IAI is focused on:

  • Providing training and education to members through seminars, conferences and summer schools;
  • Actively promoting research in the fields of forensics and biometrics;
  • Disseminating knowledge and information related to all the disciplines of the forensic sciences and biometrics;
  • Contributing with other established relevant professional organizations, following decisions of the European Council on forensics matters, the guidelines provided by European Commission Monopoly Status Forensic Organizations (e.g. ENFSI) and European Commission funded programs on forensic research cross fertilization (e.g. COST actions);
  • Encouraging the highest ethical standards in the collection, preservation, examination and evaluation of evidence;
  • Actively promoting networking between professionals, researchers, students and technical partners in all forensics and biometrics branches;
  • Contributing to spread relevant information on new technologies and technical solutions for practitioners and researchers.

What equipment will we be showcasing?

Crime-lite AUTO
The complete solution

Crime-lite LASER
Ultra-narrowband illumination

Crime-lite 82S Pro
Handheld Forensic Light sources

Who’s attending?

Dan Freeman
Applications Specialist