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World Police Summit

March 5 March 7

  • Dubai

From the organisers:

In recent past the role of the forensics department has expanded to encompass a wide range of scientific, technological, and investigative responsibilities. As law enforcement agencies adapt to new challenges and opportunities, the forensics department remains a critical component in ensuring justice, public safety, and the effective resolution of criminal cases.

This Forensics Conference serves as a catalyst for advancement, shedding light on the latest scientific and technical breakthroughs in forensics that are revolutionizing every aspect of crime scene investigation, evidence analysis, criminal identification, and prosecution.

What equipment will we be showcasing?

Crime-lite AUTO
The complete solution

Crime-lite X
Handheld, Multi-Spectral FLS

The Docking System

Crime-lite 82S Pro
Handheld Forensic Lightsources

Who’s attending?

Pete Benwell
Regional Sales Manager