ENFSI Firearms and GSR Annual Meeting

The ENFSI EWG Firearms/GSR is the European organisation of experts in one of the most interesting disciplines of forensic science. – It combines scientific experience in the fields of firearms identification (FAID), firearms technique, gunshot residues (GSR) and scenes of crime reconstruction in firearms offences. According to the Terms of Reference (ToR), in compliance with the goals of ENFSI, world-wide associated members join in the annual meetings and the projects of the EWG Firearms/GSR.

Intergraf Currency + Identity 2023

Continuously growing, Intergraf Currency+Identity connects technological innovators and institutional end users since 1976.

The Conference and Exhibition provide excellent opportunities to meet colleagues and customers, and to establish new contacts with leading executives of security printing companies, central banks, and law enforcement from across the world.

Webinar – CBRNE x CSI

In this webinar we will explore the military and defence applications of forensic technology. We will look at how forensic technology can be and is used in the military. We will discuss the different applications that forensic technologies for defence purposes.

We will look at the theory behind why forensic technology is used in defence and demonstrate how our products can help in military and defence.

Florida Division of the International Association for Identification

The Florida Division of the International Association for Identification is a non-profit professional association for forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, evidence technicians, latent print examiners and all other law enforcement employees who are interested in the scientific investigation of crime. The FDIAI is the largest state chartered division of the International Association for Identification and hosts one of the largest annual educational training conferences available in the country.

Tri-State Educational Conference

The conference is open to all Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Criminal Investigators, Identification Officers, Police Officers, Police Supervisors, Medical Examiners, Forensic Pathologists, Coroners, Medicolegal Investigators, Forensic Science students and legal professionals.

Topics include high profile case studies, forensic research, lectures and workshops presented by recognized experts in the fields of Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Criminal Investigation, and Evidence Collection.

Identity Week Asia 2023

IDENTITY WEEK is the most important identity event in Asia.

IDENTITY WEEK is a conference and exhibition bringing together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions.


IAFS is a worldwide association of academics and practising professionals from several disciplines in forensic science, that include:

Webinar – Forensic Science versus Volume Crime

In this webinar we discuss Forensic Science versus Volume Crime! We will discuss forensic science for the investigation of volume crimes; robbery, burglary, vehicle crime, drugs and assaults. We will demonstrate how our products can help quickly and efficiently gather the evidence needed in these volume crimes!

Webinar – Forensics 2030

In this webinar we will be doing a live q+a round-table where we will discuss what the future of forensics will be, our year at foster+freeman and talking about the future for foster+freeman.

Join multiple forensic experts as they discuss their views on the forensic science. What they find most exciting and where they think it will be in 10 years time.
We will look at the theory behind why forensic technology is used in defence and demonstrate how our products can help in military and defence.