Webinar – New Frontiers in Document Examination

In this webinar we will be exploring the latest techniques and technology used by immigration staff and questioned document examiners for the forensic analysis of travel and identity documents.

Webinar – Unlocking Latent Prints

In this webinar we will be asking the question: Can we really develop finger marks without chemical treatment?

We will discuss the theory behind chemical free fingermark development. We will go in-depth into the process, explaining the idea and the benefits/disadvantages of chemical free fingermark development.

We will demonstrate this theory in action with our products. Showing you how to develop fingermarks without chemicals using foster+freeman products effectively. We will have a 30 minute Q+A session where wee will answer any questions you have!

Webinar – Technology Focus: Crime-lite AUTO

In this Webinar we will be exploring all things Crime-lite AUTO! We will explore multiple aspects of the AUTO, we will go in-depth into the hardware, have a look at the multiple applications of the auto and showcase the range of the device. we will give you tips and tricks to using the device and explore the accessories for the device!

Forensic imaging technology meets powerful multi-spectral illumination in this complete solution to the search, detection, and capture of evidence.

Webinar – CBRNE x CSI

In this webinar we will explore the military and defence applications of forensic technology. We will look at how forensic technology can be and is used in the military. We will discuss the different applications that forensic technologies for defence purposes.

We will look at the theory behind why forensic technology is used in defence and demonstrate how our products can help in military and defence.

Webinar – Forensic Science versus Volume Crime

In this webinar we discuss Forensic Science versus Volume Crime! We will discuss forensic science for the investigation of volume crimes; robbery, burglary, vehicle crime, drugs and assaults. We will demonstrate how our products can help quickly and efficiently gather the evidence needed in these volume crimes!

Webinar – Product Demonstrations 2023

Missed a webinar this year? now's the time to catch up on our product demonstrations!

See a range of our products and forensic science disciplines being demonstrated. From Reflected UV with the DCS5 to Raman spectroscopy!

Webinar – Detect More Evidence

In this webinar, we will be looking at how you can get the most out of your forensic light sources to help detect, identify and examine more forensic evidence. We will discuss how we can get the most out of your laboratory and crime scene equipment and producers to detect more evidence.

Webinar – Passport Control

We delve into the critical techniques and technologies essential for ensuring robust border security. In this session, we will explore the latest advancements in ID verification, document authentication, and fraud detection, equipping you with the knowledge to identify counterfeit passports and travel documents effectively.